Primordiax Website Completed
November 15, 2009

Primordiax's website enters the completion stage in preparation for Open Beta. Anyone interested in playing in Open Beta should keep an eye on the site for further news. Release is slated for November. Open Beta will also allow the testers to order personalized images before our artists get too busy. Order now for a quick return time. All Open Beta testers will be offered a discount for a personalized picture of their avatar.

Primordiax Crunch to Completion Begins
October 14, 2009

The final list for Open Beta is posted and deadlines are set for coders, builders, and artists.

Status Effects System Introduced
August 31, 2009

Status effects have been introduced and affect a number of major commands.

Primordiax Ends Phase 3 Testing
August 30, 2009

Primordiax ends its last test phase and begins to prepare for Open Beta, scheduled in November of 2009.

Primordiax Enters Phase 3 Testing
Jun 22, 2009

Primordiax begins Phase 3 Testing with a large group of dedicated testers. They have tested the following systems: combat, grouping, rudimentary crafting, collections, tasks, leveling, the con system, and basic commands.

This is the last testing phase before Primordiax enters open beta.

Primordiax Recruits New Art Team: Kow Team
May 17, 2009

An incredibly strong art team has joined Primordiax and is currently directed by Hikili, our Art Coordinator. We welcome TolenX, designer of the Primordiax Flash client UI, Iris, jPEG, and Dpickle.

We look forward to unveiling Primordiax's integration of text and personalized art.

Primordiax Recruits Coder: Staryga
Mar 07, 2009

Staryga, a long-time coder for several DIKU muds, has joined the team. He brings interesting insight to a group that formerly worked in LPC muds. This is Staryga's first exposure to working on an in-character enforced game.

Staryga has added several new systems and features to Primordiax. He is currently working on a genetics system that will be heavily used in Primordiax's farming system.

Primordiax Recruits Flash Programmer: Russ
Feb 24, 2009

Russ, a long-time Flash programmer, is responsible for the creation of the Primordiax Flash client, an game interface that accesses Primordiax through a web browser.

With Russ's input and careful programming, players of Primordiax will be able to appreciate beautiful, personalized art in addition to enjoying their immersive text.