About Primordiax

Welcome to Primordiax, an online multi-player roleplaying game. The exclusive design of Primordiax makes it extremely accessible to new players without losing the intrigue and complexity that continues to attract veterans of the genre. Brought to you by the creators of ThresholdRPG, Primordiax offers a classic gaming experience with a highly unique class system and an open skill tree. In Primordiax, you are not following a scripted storyline, so please join us in shaping the world through your character's actions.


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IC Enforced (ICE)

Primordiax is an IC (in-character) enforced environment where roleplaying is heavily encouraged. By logging on to play this game, you are agreeing to preserve the in-character environment of the world. By this, we mean that you will not speak in a manner that is inconsistent with the atmosphere intended by the creators of the game world. (For example, you may not speak about current real world events except on designated channels or on our forums.) Being in-character also means that each player must have at least a rudimentary persona planned for each character played. [read more]

The WS Button

The Wikimalia logo can be found all over the Primordiax site. Clicking this icon will lead you to Primordiax's comprehensive wiki for more information. The lore on this website has been simplified to allow for quick browsing, so that you can easily decide whether or not you are interested in the game. For those who love to delve into the lore immediately, please simply click the links at the end of any document to read the Wikimalia version. [read more]

Featured Race


Necromancers who have studied lukoi extensively claim that lukoi have 15 more muscles than the average humanoid, and they build muscle bulk approximately 30% faster than other races. Most lukoi resemble wolves in their facial features, with a pronounced muzzle, sharp teeth, erect ears, and bright eyes. Their fur usually comes in a mixture of steel gray, white, black, and brown and comes in all manner of lengths. Some lukoi are downright shaggy and must spend a good deal of their time grooming their fur unless they are willing to go around matted. Their eye colors range from icy blue to chocolate brown. Many lukoi, though, resemble dogs in appearance, and nearly every breed of dog is represented in their lukoi counterpart. All lukoi have longer hair on the top of their heads. For some, the hair is merely a longer extension of their fur, but others have a full head of humanoid hair. Like all humanoids, some of that hair is curly and blond while others are black and straight.

All lukoi have tails, though the length varies a great deal from 2-4 rands long to merely a thum in length. In some cultures, parents clip a newborn's tail to create a clubbed appearance which is considered extremely attractive. In 893 B.U., a dryad noble by the name of Darlen Jien tried to pass laws prohibiting clipping in Troj. She claimed that it was a barbaric and cruel practice that was not only outdated by caused the infant mortality rate to rise. Since one in 30,000 lukoi infants that get clipped die from infection, Lady Jien was able to raise enough support for the issue to bring it to the Savants' Table. For three long years, the issue was fought between the Savants, but the entire issue ended when Lady Jien's body was found in the jungles near Troj with her lungs torn out of her body. The issue has not been raised again, and clipping has remained a vital part of lukoi culture, especially in Troj.